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Employees: The Extension of Your Brand

As you peruse the papers or click through TV channels, you’ll note that a number of companies use their employees in their print and media advertising. Alder & Associates has discovered that this can be highly effective in relaying the value a company offers its clients. It also reinforces the value of positive client experiences to its employees and cements the employee’s role as brand ambassador. We’ve developed a strategic and systematic process that incorporates both employees and clients in the advertising campaigns we create, and have experienced some very, very positive results.

Let’s face it: A company’s employees are the “front line”. They are the company’s “face”. They deliver the “customer experience”. Employees are responsible for a customer visit that is remembered positively for a week – or a poor one that is remembered for a lifetime. Customers frequent a business because it sells what they need, but it is their interaction with employees that often offers the experience that brings them back again and again.

As mentioned in an earlier blog, “a brand is the emotional response an individual experiences when a product or service name is viewed or mentioned.” Similarly, your customer will have an emotional experience (good, bad, or neutral) when they interact with your staff and that impacts future business.

Do your employees offer positive customer experiences? Do your clients have an ongoing relationship with your employees? If you’ve been considering alternate ways to relay your service and brand, why not consider the power of your employees!

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