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Chat with Bart!

Having attended countless graduate school classes with outside guest speakers, experienced a multitude of industry workshops, and planned and attended many company-wide meetings, I have always been impressed with those speakers who incorporated “real life” business experiences and brought life to their presentations with actual issues and resolutions. Most everything I’ve read seems to indicate that hypothetical examples bore an audience and the more actual examples incorporated into the presentation, the greater the propensity to make it an enjoyable and meaningful one!

An article about public speaking entitled “The Gift of Gab” by Barbara Haislip that appeared in the Wall Street Journal last August was instrumental in starting conversations with the president of my advertising agency about the importance of being visible in the business.  Over the course of several months, it has resulted in Bart Alder, President and Creative Director of Alder & Associates being “available” as a speaker to businesses and organizations across the state and across the country! 

GP: Bart, how do you feel about speaking at trade association or business gatherings?

Bart: I think that I’ve got a lot of experience from a creative’s perspective in developing compelling and        successful advertising campaigns.  I believe there’s a market out there that is still very much interested in learning about the field of advertising.  In many ways, it’s still a new world for many firms.

GP:  New world?

Bart:  There are companies who do not advertise – either product or brand - either because they don’t understand it or don’t believe it can help grow their business.  Then there are industry leaders who have not yet had direct contact with internal or external ad agencies. In the course of my career, I’ve worked for two major banking corporations, a major law firm and the largest community bank in the state of Virginia.  I’ve seen the power advertising has in supporting their growth and have had interesting interactions with corporate ad managers through to senior management.  It’s an interesting story to tell.

GP: But what about the role of social media? Branding? Other marketing tools?

Bart: Each plays a critical role. But, if you’re looking to build a brand or increase brand awareness, print and electronic advertising is a very critical component in your playbook.

GP: How does your presentation differ from other “President and Creative Directors” out there?

Bart: Well as you know, when Alder & Associates develops an ad campaign, we rely on “Theater of the Mind”…  It’s a concept that sets our work apart from others – and it is a compelling story to tell.  It’s simply different than most and we’ve had a lot of success with it. Another important distinction is that our creative approach is driven by strategy in achieving business results, not by what many believe is your typical Creative Director’s goal -- to win award show accolades.  Our work creates results!

GP: How can outside firms or professional associations learn more about it?

Bart: I’d love to speak to them about attending their next company or association meeting.  Have them call me and we’ll chat it up!

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