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Being Liked Is Important… on Facebook

I recently read about a webinar cohosted by Aquent and the American Marketing Association that included Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media and his partner Carrie Kerpen. The webinar was about ways companies can get greater mileage out of Facebook pages and the importance of being “likeable” on Facebook. 

Some suggestions:

1. Talking less about a company’s brand and engaging viewers in listening and engaging (polls, input, questions to fans...)

2. Offering viewers immediate discounts for anyone who “likes” a page.

3. Delivering great content for viewers “each and every day”.

4. Developing a news feed.

5. Adding company photos on the page.

6. Making the conversation about the customer, not the organization.

I’d like to go on record by saying that all of these suggestions make a lot of sense! The ideas proposed are cogent and solidly based on marketing principles.

But let’s talk reality: Attentive and intensive Facebook involvement makes great sense for a large company that can devote resources to social media. Smaller companies have greater manpower constraints but are blessed with less red tape. (Translation: Things are easier to get approved and take less time to get on Facebook.)

In that spirit, here is my answer to the above 6 points! 

1. To all of you who have clicked the “Like” button on the Alder & Associates Facebook page, thank you!  We appreciate it!  Now, here’s how you can help.  Drop everything you’re doing and ask all of your friends and relatives to do the same and have them “like” us too! 

2. Everyone who “Likes” us gets a 5 percent discount off our first major brand or advertising project for you*.

3. Tune in tomorrow to see the great content I have in store for you!

4. News feed? I’m working on it…

5. The company photos are coming (as soon as all the pics are airbrushed!)

6. Let’s talk!  Tell me which marketing topics interest you the most for future blogs and I promise to cover the subject as best I can!

Don’t forget to tell your friends and relatives about Alder & Associates.  Now get to work! 


* That means - first-time clients!

(c) Alder & Associates - Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations. 2011

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