Bart Alder, President, Creative Director Bart has led the marketing and creative divisions for a “Top 50” global law firm and at two of the nation's largest financial services organizations. As president of Alder & Associates, Bart brings creative insight and corporate discipline, with client-side and agency perspective, to bear in planning and executing communication strategies. Bart's creative problem-solving talent and expertise has been forged in the real world, where what you say can have a direct and immediate bottom-line impact on business. His expertise is in assisting you to define your most valuable message and selecting the right media to communicate with your targeted audience at the time and place when they are most receptive. Bart and his wife, Lesa live in Richmond Virginia. He designs and renovates houses, oil paints and rides motorcycles for the fun of it.


René Shouse, SVP, Chief Operating Officer René was the agency’s first hire 19 years ago and today runs virtually every aspect of the agency’s operations. She excels as traffic and production manager, making sure that jobs are completed on time and on budget. Her wealth of knowledge in the management of creative talent and services is a critical factor in delivering quality results. For ease of navigation throughout Richmond’s talent pool of creative services, there is no one more adept than René Shouse. Don’t ask her to cook, though. She’s a far better craftsperson and paint stenciler, as dinner reservations are all she prefers to make for husband, Jonathan. (Truth is—she’s extraordinary at baking).