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Marketing Moves (Published in Richmond BizSense)

By Aaron Kremer http://www.richmondbizsense.com/2010/04/15/marketing-moves/

A Richmond ad man bought the firm he worked at and wants to grow it by signing more community banks. And another marketing firm gets ready to move into a 6,000-square-foot office in formerly vacant building on Broad Street.

In May, Bart Alder bought Boisseau Partners, which he renamed Alder & Associates.

Alder was at Boisseau for a year and a half.

The firm has six employees in an office on E. Main Street downtown. Alder said he wants to hire a business development employee to pick up more business from community banks.

The company makes ads, including TV, print and billboard spots for Union First Market Bank, the bank formed when Union Bank bought First Market Bank. You can read a story on that campaign here.

“What I’ve been doing now is coordinating a lot of the creative freelancers out there who help us produce the ads. And I serve as creative director on the Union ads,” Alder said.

The firm also picked up the art program at William & Mary as a client and will be working with them to design a mailing for potential donors.

This is Alder’s first time as a business owner. He previously worked at local bank that was acquired by SunTrust and also at the law firm Hunton & Williams.

Peter Boisseau has started another firm, called Boisseau marketing workx.

Boisseau said he will continue as a consultant but wants to focus more on public affairs.

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